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Are you ready to purchase a home but need money to make it happen? CAFA Grant Programs provide qualified homebuyers with grant funds that are non-repayable. That’s right, you do not have to pay it back! The money can be used for the down payment, closing costs, pre-paid items and even help buy down the private mortgage insurance.


One of the biggest challenges when looking to purchase a home is saving for the down payment. The Capital Area Finance Authority-also known as CAFA, is working to help people overcome that obstacle. And it’s not just for first time home buyers. If you don’t have the money to put down or simply don’t want to use your reserves, there is no reason to wait to purchase your home: We are here to help!


To get started-contact one of the CAFA approved lenders. This list can be found by visiting our website at


Basic requirements for the programs:

  • 640 FICO score for Conventional /VA/RD and 660 for FHA

  • 45% DTI

  • New or existing residential units

  • No purchase price limits (Freddie Mac has a limit of $452,000)

  • You cannot have ownership in another home

  • Most income limits have been lifted on the conventional loans but on the FHA and other government loans, there are limits.

*Other requirements not listed here

Go to for more information or call Kristin Delahoussaye, Lending Program Manager to help you today!

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